1970 Marlboro Maroon Corvette Convertible For Sale in Maryland
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1970 Corvette Convertible For Sale in Maryland

1970 Convertible

Asking price: $48500

1970 Corvette Convertible For Sale Photo

Marlboro Maroon exterior - Black interior - 68968 miles
350 - hp - 4-speed transmission

Corvette Description

1970 Stingray Convertible. Solid. Garage kept. Tar black still on portions of frame.  Excellent birdcage and frame. No rust. 350 NOM. Original 4-speed manual trans and original rear.  Original suspension. Original Marlboro Maroon repainted by a previous owner. Excellent condition chrome bumpers. Interior is new. Soft top excellent. New weatherstrips. A '68 removable hardtop comes w/car.

Thoroughly evaluated by Tony’s Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg, MD, an NCRS shop having more 1st-time passing Bloomington Gold’s than anyone. All corrections and repairs done by Tony’s.

I bought this car with an NOM 350 with a terrible incorrect rebuild. This beautiful car now has a 350 rebuilt by Tony’s Corvette Shop. Built to 9.77:1 comp ratio, the highest compression ratio possible and still run high-test fuel, without lead additives, aviation fuel, and without pinging. This car can be driven anywhere any time of year without any concerns whatsoever. It runs excellently.

Tony’s corrected to 1970 - the intake, heads, cam, pistons, rods, bearings, carburetor, points/rotor/cap, etc. and much more. Everything built to spec using correct and vintage 1970 parts. This car needs only minor body work and paint (if you want a show car). Suspension is original. Driver's headlight assembly broken and bumper bracket reinforcement missing.

See link for all photos. See below for list of work completed. 

1 - complete engine rebuild incl hot tanking/testing of 1970 block, pistons, rods, bearings etc. Detailed spec sheets and photos on motor rebuild avail.
1 - intake manifold and hardware
1 - heads 64cc 3927186 (ported and polished)
1 - carb Q-jet vintage
1 - air cleaner assembly & cover /misc hardware
1 - water pump/ fitting/ hardware/ nipples
1 - engine wiring harness
2 - motor mounts/hardware correct mounts
1 - heater hose 120 bends/clamps
1 - balancer
1 - correct oil pan
1 - correct choke assembly
* - wire holders back of block/shield hardware
* - valve cover bolts M
1 - 1970 correct dipstick and tube 
* - exhaust manifold bolt/french locks/washers
1 - ignition shielding
6 - engine paint correct colors
1 - plug wires correct length
2 - oil pan clips
8 - spark plugs
1 - brackets for all wires/grommets
4 - heat shields
1 - distributor points/rotor/cap (brass)/condenser
1 - vacuum advance for distributor correct #
1 - adjust carb/drilled idle tube
Change and correct all fluids
5 - antifreeze/distilled water
8 - oil 10w30
2 - PF1218
2 - zinc
2 - Lucas oil additive
2 - rear fluid synthetic
2 - posi additive
4 - transmission fluid synthetic
6 - cleaner for transmission
2 - front calipers 0-ring/s/s
1- front brake pads
2- front brake hoses
2- front grease seals repack front wheel bearings
2- rear brake hoses
1- brake fluid 2 qt
2- s fuel lines
1- fuel pump
*- fuel line pump to carb Q-jet
*- gas lid spring
1- clutch boot/hardware
1- clutch swivel/G clips
1- clutch return spring
1- throw out bearing/spring
1- radiator, replaced w/modern w/vintage look (original comes w/car)
2- radiator hoses
1- radiator fan blade/hardware
1- overflow hose radiator
1- radiator cap
1- upper control arm bushings left side
Additional Items
1- doors main weatherstrips
1- vacuum actuator/hoses
3- vacuum actuators
1- check filter
1- misc hose kit
1- coordinator
1- backup light switch/harness (was missing)
1- battery hold down
1- center diff mount gm
2- V-shields Kit
1- center exhaust 2"
*- lube to get windows to roll up easy
*- belts 2
1- airhorn gasket
Soft top replace/repair
1- convertible top weatherstrip kit
2- A pillar weatherstrip correct type
1- shim kit for deck lid striker
1- w/s hardware kit
Soft top seals around windows and car body and sits down tight.

Seller Info

Ronie Shackelford - 410-733-2868
Reisterstown, Maryland 21136

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Corvette Photos

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