1988 White Corvette Convertible For Sale in Iowa
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1988 Corvette Convertible For Sale in Iowa

Callaway Convertible B2k one of 65

Asking price: $21499

1988 Corvette Convertible For Sale Photo

White exterior - Red interior - 94000 miles
L98 TWIN TURBO - 382 hp - Manual transmission

Corvette Description

The C4 Corvette had highly sophisticated engine management and fuel injection systems, ABS that produced astonishing braking and the ability to pull almost a full G on the skid pad, but Corvette’s Chief Engineer Dave McLellan believed that more power was always a Good Thing. Knowing Reeves Callaway’s flair for turning stock Corvettes into twin turbocharged land missiles capable of 200 MPH (eventually increasing to over 250 in the famed Sledgehammer), McLellan authorised a factory listed Callaway RPO that ran from 1987 to 1991. Designated RPO B2K, the Callaway Twin Turbo option was originally offered at a cost of $25,895, limiting it to customers with the means to afford almost the equivalent of two Corvettes. The Twin Turbo was available through select Chevrolet dealers; fully assembled Corvettes were shipped from the factory to Callaway’s Old Lyme, Connecticut facility where technicians transformed the production engine with twin IHI water cooled turbos and air to air intercoolers. The car’s inherent sturdiness meant no drivetrain mods were required, and the only visual clues were Callaway badges and a boost gauge inside but its potency was there for all to witness. Rated at 382 HP and 562 lb-ft of torque, the Twin Turbo hit 60 MPH in 5 seconds flat and exploded to a top speed of almost 180 MPH. One of just 125 B2K Corvettes built, this White-on-Red 1988 Callaway Twin Turbo convertible was used by General Motors to promote the Callaway option, a campaign that included an appearance in Playboy Magazine. With an owner history that includes the Häagen-Dazs family and other private collectors, it is offered with the original Callaway documentation. 

Seller Info

Steve Roeder -
, Iowa 52003

Date Posted: Jun 30 2018 - Page Views: 2243

Corvette Photos

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