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C1 Corvettes
(1953 - 1962)
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C2 Corvettes
(1963 - 1967)
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C3 Corvettes
(1968 - 1982)
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C4 Corvettes
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C5 Corvettes
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C6 Corvettes
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C7 Corvettes
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Corvette Buyer's and Collector's Guides

Corvette Black Book

Corvette Black Book 1953-2007
by Mike Antonick

An absolute must for both Corvette owners and potenial buyer

Corvette Buyer's Guide

Illustrated Corvette Buyer's Guide
(Motorbooks International Illustrated Buyer's Guide Series)
by Michael Antonick


Corvette Price Handbook

Corvette Price Handbook :
1953-1995 Models With Web Updates

by Mike Antonick

Corvette Price Handbook for 1953-1995 models: Finally, a price guide devoted exclusively to Corvettes. The Corvette Price Handbook dedicates one page to each Corvette model from 1953 through 1995 and uses a four-grade condition rating to target retail market estimates. The format is easy-to-use, yet has tremendous detail. Prices are shown for each engine and model combination, and there is an additional section that adjusts for special options and features. This adjustment section permits a fine-tuning of price estimates unlike any other guide for any marque. Also, a brief overview history is included along with a short summary of rare options and colors for each model.


Corvette Specs 1984-1996 Models
by Mike Antonick


Corvette Buyer's Guide 1953-1967
by Richard Prince


The Hemmings Motor News Book of Corvettes
(Hemmings Motor News Collector-Car Books)
by Terry Ehrich, Richard A. Lentinello

A thorough examination of 1953 to 1967 Corvettes.


Essentials : A Corvette Collector's Guide 1956-1967
by Chuck Brigermann


The Original Nineteen Seventy Three - Nineteen Seventy Seven Corvette Fact Manual
by Peter J. Licastro


Catalog of Corvette Id Numbers 1953-93...

(Matching Number Series)

A must for any one shoping for a Corvette


Corvette Books


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