1953 Polo White Corvette Convertible For Sale in ==US==
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1953 Corvette Convertible For Sale in ==US==

1953 Corvette

Asking price: $1000000

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Polo White exterior - Red interior - miles
Blue-Flame 6 - 150 hp - 2 Speed Powerglide automatic transmission

Corvette Description

The 1953 model year was the Corvette's first production year. The Corvette body was constructed out of fiberglass and were essentially hand-built so that each 1953 Corvette is slightly different. All 1953 models had Polo White exteriors, red interiors, and black canvas soft tops. Order guides showed heaters and AM radios as optional, but all 1953 models were equipped with both. Over two-hundred 1953 Corvettes are known to exist today. They had independent front suspension, but featured a rigid axle supported by longitudinal leaf springs at the rear. The cost of the first production model Corvettes in 1953 was $3490.

Total 1953 Corvettes Built - 300 - All Convertibles
Serial Numbers: E53001001 - E53F001300

2934	Base Corvette Convertible		300	$3,498.00
101A	Heater					300	    91.00
101B	AM Radio				300	   145.15

Seller Info

Corvette Seller -
, ==US== 00000

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