1993 Teal Blue Corvette T-Top For Sale in Oklahoma
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1993 Corvette T-Top For Sale in Oklahoma


Asking price: $3800 price firm would part out

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Teal Blue exterior - Tan interior - 102,000 miles
LT I - 315 hp - Auto transmission

Corvette Description

All highway miles cruiser.  Obvious less stop and start less wear and tear. Kick ass Teal blue, 83 vette gold ground effects. 

"As new" fuel pump, tires 2500 miles etc. Some gitchas & gotchas fiberglas EZ fix tic tacs paint. My 5th vette, 64,65,72,77 and this honey.  Fair seller looking for smart fair buyer.  Don't I wish still had the 64, removable hardtop, elec windows, air, 327 350 hp, 4 speed paid 2700 for w 20,000 miles paid 2700 for it. U betcha comes to money wish had all of them top money in was 77, top paid $8,000 in 78 w 10,000 miles.  All values up significantly. This is anniversary year killer driver. Drive it, drive it, surprising fast actually with LTI 350 hp getting 25-27 mpg. Great ride!  72 yr old retired instead of maintaining, caring for time to return to travel, travel, travel.

Fair seller looking for fair buyer. Latin phrase veritas simplex oratio est'. Little poor latin but means language of truth is simple. Fact an here it is, 3800 for his puppy is a deal, heck part it out and make money or pull dash and drive, drive, drive surprising great performance of plain vanilla LTI. I'm old fashioned, fair, motivated prices also El Camino, Bass boat going away. Old phrase money talks bs walks. $100 bills talk, checkc, cashiers or not walk. Hey lets get it done. Things to do, places to see.  
Three B's 

Be Aware
Be Prepared 
Be SAfe

Seller Info

Steven B. Cook - 05-306-5990
Cushing, Oklahoma 74023

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