2008 Crystal Red Metallic Corvette Coupe For Sale in California
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2008 Corvette Coupe For Sale in California

My ZR1

Asking price: $34400

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Crystal Red Metallic exterior - Black interior - miles
Z51 - LS3 - 700 hp - Close Cut manual transmission

Corvette Description

In 2017 I test drove the C7 ZR1, My dealer let me take it and I ran it hard.  Not having $120,000 to purchase I decided to modify my 2008 Z51 to do the same.  I purchased a Magnusun Heartbeat 2300 Supercharger and a stainless steel performance exhaust by Corsa (the $2000 butterfly optional exhaust only sounded good above 4000 RPM.  This got me to 560HP but the tuner wouldn't run to max because the odometer clocked 108,000 miles.  So, I went back to my dealer and purchased a new Z51 - LS3 (1800 miles) and had it installed and got to the HP I was hoping for.  Once finished I had problems with handling so I replaced all the shocks with  Bilstein and the shifter with a short action MCW.  Other mods include Accel Coils, Coil Wires handmade by Excelsior Motorsports, they also performed their very expensive tune.  It has been awhile since my C7 test but I am certain I have Achieved my goal, this car is Fast.  For $36,000 I got my ZR1, unfortunately I was diagnosed with cancer and have short time.  Anyone will love this car.

Seller Info

Mike Wessman - 6197421700
El Cajon, California 92021

Date Posted: May 18 2019 - Page Views: 1220